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About Rechetta

With over 20 years of experience as a beauty industry professional, no wonder Rechetta Kirby has had so much success with her business which features an array of beauty and wellness products. She has always been an advocate for holistic living and had the desire to share her knowledge with others and that’s what we know now as Z Brows and Beauty. All products are made with the finest ingredients which are hand chosen and formulated by Rechetta herself.

 Mission & Vision

Have you ever purchased Soft & Beautiful Botanical products before? Well if you look closer, who do you see? Rechetta, of course. One of her career breakthroughs besides Z Brows and Beauty was not only entering but WINNING the Essence Millennium Model Search campaign, which further drove her to wanting to be further involved in the beauty profession. That led her to earning a double certification in microblading, lash extensions, laser hair removal, and becoming a Yoni Practitioner/Educator. These are only a few. Rechetta’s dedication to education and service is comparable to no other. The goal is to take care of her client’s mind, body, AND soul from the inside out.